The quality of Longmont’s elected leadership on City Council will be even more critical in the post-pandemic future than it was in the pre-pandemic past.

The vision, experience, character, integrity, independence, responsibility, reliability, and accountability of those elected will make the difference between communities that recover quickly, with resilience and with stability, and those that do not.  I am confident I can provide the kind of Mayoral leadership our community needs as we transition from the current era to the next.

When I ran for City Council in a 2018 special election, I was largely unknown to most Longmont voters.  Three years later, Longmont residents can evaluate if I am now who I said I was then.  I promised to provide:

  • Clarity on the positions I would take.
  • Transparency on how I arrived at my positions.
  • Accountability for my decisions and actions.
  • Leadership on the priorities I saw as critical for the city.

I’ve worked to earn your trust to lead as Longmont’s Mayor through the transition from an uncertain, isolated, and frustrating pandemic to a post-pandemic future that reflects our best hopes for a more equitable, healthy, prosperous, resilient, civil, collaborative, inclusive, and sustainable community.