Boulder Weekly supported both Tim Waters and Joan Peck in 2019 (Peck each year since her election to council in 2015), and we’re glad that no matter the course of the mayoral election, both will retain their current seats—Waters as the council member for Ward I, Peck as an at-large council member—through 2023. But we lean slightly in favor of selecting Tim Waters for mayor.

We believe that while Waters is a bit more conservative (he supported increasing the water capacity of the Windy Gap project, which many environmentalists believe is just another nail in the coffin for the Colorado River), he’s still progressive, fair minded, policy oriented, and we believe he has the strongest ability to work with people on all sides.

Waters is realistic about the power of a mayor in a “weak” system like Longmont’s: He sees the importance in the sequencing and timing of when issues are brought before council, allowing some issues to “ripen” as council and the public learn more. He, and most council members we spoke to, wants to continue to provide services to Longmont’s unhoused community, focusing on the Housing First approach that research has shown best benefits those experiencing homelessness. Like Peck, Waters does not see RTD as the answer to Northern Colorado’s transportation woes; both believe that the Front Range Passenger Rail is the answer, a “blended” project led by the Southwest Chief & Front Range Passenger Rail Commission, CDOT, and a consultant team that would take passengers from Fort Collins to Pueblo on heavy rail. Along with Ward II council member Marcia Martin, Waters supports the creation of a subscription electric bus service that local businesses, like Smucker’s, could buy into to give employees a free, environmentally-friendly option for getting to and from work.

Waters would like to see Longmont partner with Boulder County and other municipalities on a regional solution to solid waste diverging in order to cut compost out of landfills and reduce methane gas. He’s also been on the right side of the debate on fracking, vocally supporting SB 181’s mission to empower municipalities with the authority to restrict oil and gas operations, and voting with council to end all surface operation in Longmont (which, we will argue, doesn’t prevent operators from vertically drilling under the city, but we digress).

With a quarter-century career in education (as a practitioner and researcher), Waters is deeply focused on children and education. He believes that affordable access to childcare is a critical component to creating workforce stability, and to fully recovering and evening expanding Longmont’s economy post-pandemic. Waters is also a big supporter of bringing a four-year post-secondary campus to Longmont.

That said, Joan Peck has been a tireless advocate for better transportation, and was voted into office in 2015 as a stronghand for environmental policy. She’s done the job well for six years, and we believe she has Longmont’s best interest at heart.


This is a photograph of 5-year-old Teddy Baldwin donating his entire savings account, $.34 cents, to the Tim Waters 4 Mayor campaign. According to Teddy, it was an investment in his future.

Kathleen McGoey, Former Executive Director, Longmont Community Justice Partnership – During my tenure as the Executive Director of Longmont Community Justice Partnership (LCJP), Tim Waters consistently expressed interest and support for Restorative Justice and its success. Even as a busy city council member responding to a wide range of community needs, Tim prioritized my phone calls and made time to meet with me. When I needed help from a decision maker, Tim acted as a thought partner and supported my leadership with creative solutions and advocacy. Tim demonstrated sincere interest and commitment to understanding community challenges, and followed through on his word to strengthen youth-serving programs. Throughout the past year, I witnessed how Tim chose to go above and beyond by engaging with diverse representatives of the city of Longmont to grapple with complex topics such as justice and equity and elevate the voices of the people who reside here. I appreciate Tim for courageously facilitating meaningful conversations and leading with integrity.

Former Longmont Mayor Dennis Coombs – I am supporting Dr. Tim Waters because he is very intelligent and he will make decisions based on data and not emotions. Tim has an open mind, and he will consider all sides of every complex situation and then vote for what he considers the best outcome for the largest majority of Longmont’s citizens. Most importantly, I will vote for Dr Tim Waters because he can’t and won’t be controlled by other outside or inside political forces.

The John Gaddis Jr. Family – We enthusiastically endorse Tim Waters for Longmont’s next Mayor. Tim has the experience, the intellect and — most importantly — the character to serve well the citizens of Longmont. As native Longmonsters, we believe that the city would be fortunate to have someone with Tim’s integrity as our next Mayor!

Jean Christopher – Longmont Housing Authority Advisory Board – Tim is about the people, the citizens of Longmont. Tim has the big picture perspective about our city; however, regardless of the issue he is always concerned about any decision’s impact on the residents. These traits, combined with his innate sense of fairness and respect for others, make Tim Waters the person we need as the of Mayor of the City of Longmont.

Laura Pechaitis – As a Ward 1 resident, I’ve contacted Tim Waters several times and he has always acted quickly to provide information, answer questions or address my concerns. He understands the importance of keeping residents informed and providing strong constituent service.  I am confident we will all be well served if Tim is elected as our Mayor.    

Bob & Laurell Pilkey – Tim Waters is the ideal candidate to lead a renewal of local government in the post COVID-19 era. Tim will strive to establish a governing model that works for the betterment of every resident of Longmont.

Laurel Padilla – MPA – Leadership is important at every level of government and service. Tim Waters has the experience and the heart to make a great mayor. He is caring and compassionate and he has always been responsive when I’ve called on him. I believe, Tim Waters is a leader and he will represent all of Longmont with a vision, as we move forward to build an even better Longmont. I will vote for Tim Waters.

Deb Shier – International Educator Warsaw Poland and the St. Vrain School District – I would like to endorse Tim Waters for Mayor of Longmont. I have known Tim for over 20 years.  Tim brings an intelligent voice to city government. He faces the many challenges of governing with research and data driven solutions. Tim understands constituent’s concerns. Tim, as a City Council member, has taken initiatives  to increase public participation. He understands the need for purposeful, responsible city planning. He is a dedicated public servant. Tim’s insight and leadership experience will secure Longmont’s future. 

Robyn & Dan Alsop – Having known Tim for two decades, and having worked with him for 10 years at an educational non-profit organization, I’ve always been impressed with his leadership skills, along with his innate ability to communicate clearly and effectively on ideas and issues that come before him. Everyone is heard and their ideas and views are considered equally.  Knowing Longmont as he does as a longtime resident, he knows where and how we can move forward to continue to make this the great city it has become and will continue to do so in the future. 

Rich Marsh – I heartily endorse Tim Waters as Longmont’s next mayor. I’ve come to trust his experience in the public sector; his leadership on both everyday and controversial issues; his ability to bring different voices together in pursuit of a common goal; his sense of humor; and his friendship.

John Kofel – I have known and worked with Tim for over 30 years.  He is a honest, fair man of high integrity and uncompromising values.  You can always count on him to do what is right.  Longmont couldn’t find a better person as its next mayor.

Mark & Kathy Pillmore – We have had the good fortune of having Tim Waters as our Ward 1 council member.  He is responsive to the needs of his constituents, knowledgeable of issues, and passionate about our community.  Longmont will be enhanced by his leadership as mayor. 

Phil & Micheline Burger – We have known Tim Waters ever since we moved to this neighborhood 8 years ago.  We have been impressed by him since he first ran for city council and we heard him address city issues and answer questions.  He shows uncommon knowledge of matters of concern to Longmont residents and has a superior capacity and dedication to serving us.  We feel privileged to have him as our councilman and know he will make a fine mayor.

Steve & Jan Kukic – Longmont is a wonderful community. Our history is full of stories of people confronting challenges with vision, character, competence, and optimism. Our future demands leadership that matches the challenges that we are facing and will face. The future we deserve will be the future we want if we have leadership that profits from the growing diversity of our great city. Tim Waters is a proven leader who has the vision, character, competence, and optimism to help make Longmont the best place in Colorado to live. I enthusiastically endorse the candidacy of Tim Waters for Mayor of Longmont.

Chuck Allen – I’ve known Tim Waters for 20+ years.  Whenever Tim commits to working on a project, i.e. City Council, non-profits, etc. he always gives 100% effort to benefit the citizens of Longmont! That is why I’m endorsing Tim Waters for Longmont’s next mayor!

Rick Hoge – Former Longmont Councilman at Large, Downtown Longmont businessman and Longmont resident for over forty years – It is with pleasure and honor that I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Tim Waters for Longmont’s next Mayor!  Tim is without question the most capable, qualified person I’ve ever known to offer his services as Mayor for the City of Longmont.  Tim has the compassion, intellect, reasoning ability, leadership qualities and vision to lead our community as we work our way out of the constraints and hardships we’ve all felt recently.  Whatever the issue, be it local, regional or national, Tim is who I would want leading our City.  I genuinely look forward to having Tim as the next Longmont Mayor!

Arlene Zortman – During the three years that I have lived in the Longmont area, I have had several instances when I have contacted Councilman Waters with regard to concerns or questions within the community.  He has always responded to my communications within a 24 hour period and has explained the nuances of the situation or has forwarded my information to the appropriate City of Longmont staff who have responded in a timely manner.  Councilman Waters has also taken time out of his day to personally visit with us on one occasion to listen to and provide feedback regarding a zoning concern that existed within the neighborhood.  He has always shown his commitment to the community he serves as well as the larger community and he cares deeply for the people of the City of Longmont.  I believe that as Mayor of Longmont his compassion for the people and community as well as his knowledge of the many issues facing the community will be handled fairly and equitably.  I support Tim Waters to be the next Mayor of Longmont.  

Seth Miller – How do I feel about Tim Waters’ candidacy?  Imagine the best boss or mentor you have ever had is in a position to lead your community. Tim Waters already brings intelligence, compassion, and a lifetime of leadership experience to Longmont’s city council. As mayor, Tim will not stop at “good” – he will bring the best out of everyone around him, and inspire all of us to make Longmont great.

Tom & Beth Anderson – Tim’s sensibility is a quality that we need from our mayor. As a council member he listens, responds and takes action. His level-headed decisions have helped lead our city through a very challenging time and we look forward to what he will bring to the mayor’s office.

Dick & Jody Lyons – We enthusiastically endorse Tim for Mayor.  Tim’s policy-oriented service on City Council and his background in various leadership positions uniquely qualify him for this office.  

Scott G. Converse – Founder of TinkerMIll, Longmont’s Makerspace/Innovation center, Longmont Public Media, our Public Access TV & Media group & the Longmont Observer News Room – I’ve found Tim Waters to be a thoughtful, insightful and even inspired leader who’s capable of envisioning the future of a community better than almost any other politician I’ve known. He understands how to get to the heart of an issue in a non-partisan way that takes into account the views of a wide range of different audiences, balancing those views in a way that is both fair and equitable for all involved. He knows how to get down to brass tacks dig into an issue and figure out how to solve difficult problems with innovation, grit and real heart. I believe he is our best choice for Mayor and wholeheartedly support his candidacy.

Kay Palmer Marsh – Tim will come to the office of Mayor with a strong life of public service. I have watched Dr. Waters over the past few years while he has been on the Longmont City Council. He has shown himself to be a visionary and an intelligent, logical, informed Councilperson.  He does his homework, has great integrity, and has shown great leadership on the Longmont City Council. I support Dr. Tim Waters for Mayor, and I encourage others to support and vote for him. 

Vito Montone – I wholeheartedly endorse Tim Waters for Mayor of Longmont. Through his work on the City Council, he has demonstrated measured and professional stewardship for Longmont’s future as it experiences unprecedented growth. His depth of business experience coupled with his heart-centered care exhibited in his “The Backstory” series on Longmont Public Media gives us the rare opportunity to elect a perfect choice as our mayor. We should not miss the opportunity this November.

Kevin Mulshine – Resident of Boulder County for 25 years. Founder of Bstrong Event in Boulder which supports cancer patients and Boulder Center for Integrative Care. Developer of Mountain Brook, the first development to incorporate a campus for homeless veterans operated by the Veterans Community Project – Several years ago, our family made the move from Boulder to Longmont, due to the character of the community and the potential of the City of Longmont. The City of Longmont has unmatched services, including an incredible utility system. The Envision Longmont Plan combined with the Affordable Housing ordinance adopted 2 years ago assures Longmont’s growth will be sustainable and equitable. Real solutions to affordable housing issues do not come from government issued mandates or charitable giving from the private sector. Tim Waters displayed incredible leadership and passion in those efforts in order to gain input and buy in for all parties and residents impacted by the changes. Yes, Longmont has the tools and resources to become an even better and more inclusive community. Tim’s leadership, energy and experience will maximize our potential to capitalize upon our resources to secure a bright, equitable and sustainable future.

Karen Wood – Tim Waters has the qualities we need in a mayor.  Not only is he a truly caring and understanding individual, willing to listen to all sides … but once he takes on a project, he is going to give it his all. Tim is extremely intelligent and will devote the necessary time and energy needed to get the job done right.  We will be most fortunate to have someone with his integrity as the mayor of Longmont!

Don Wood – As a life-long resident of Longmont I am excited that Tim Waters will be running for mayor.  I have known Tim for over 20 years and in that time he has proven to be an intelligent, hard-working, open minded individual who has a passion for Longmont and the citizens of Longmont.  We are fortunate to have an individual of Tim’s caliber willing to take on the role of mayor on our behalf.

Kent & Jane Nelson – We are happy to support and endorse Tim Waters for Mayor of Longmont.  He has a professional background and experience in dealing with a variety of boards and businesses.  We admire his ability to negotiate and mediate differing opinions and successfully reach a compromise.  Tim is respectful and cares about the past, present, and future of Longmont.

Pam Kieffer – Tim, this is not news to me as you have always been a natural leader, even as far back as high school where we first met. Your integrity, honesty and real interest in improving peoples’ lives will serve you well in this position. 

Richard Garcia – Tim I am elated to hear your mayoral candidacy. I don’t live in Longmont but I do know that you are an outstanding leader and are and have been committed to equity issues. Please know that you can count me in as one of your supporters.

Christina Zigler Edstrom – You have my vote.

Donnis Deever – We could all wish to live in a city where you would be mayor!!

Terry Loschen – Having served on the board of directors on McRel when Tim was executive director, I can say with confidence that Longmont would be well served if Tm was your mayor. I have never served with anyone who has the ability to listen to all sides of an issue and bring consensus acceptable to all.  I consider Tim a friend and a tremendous leader.  Since I am a Nebraska resident I can’t vote. But, I would encourage residents of Longmont to vote for Tim Waters.

Roberto Sandoval – Level headed. Pragmatic. Positive and transparent exchanges on process and solutions with Council Member Waters. Has represented Ward 1 well. Este Latino no tiene ningún problema con la candidatura. Buena suerte!

Bheema Bachus – Waters has been a really good councilman in my opinion, I like him a lot. I’m excited to see who else might jump in too, but I’m totally on board with Mayor Tim.

Paul Rennix – He works very hard to fully understand every bit that comes before Council and seems pretty reasonable / moderate / grounded in reality. I would vote for him

Lesley Smith – I remember hearing him speak at LAD when he was running for CC. I don’t live in Longmont, but I was very impressed by his background and seems a very good person.

Nancy Cochran Jessop – I have always seen Tim as a caring and action oriented man. He advocated for me in a housing issue. He is in my mind the BEST!

Sakeel Dalal – Tim is one of a few people who can be persuaded during an argument, and in turn he can do the same to you. It is one of the hallmarks of a true leader. Longmont needs the kind of leadership that will listen to all the voices in a room and then implement the best ideas, no matter where it comes from. Tim Waters has my respect, and he has my vote.

Bob & Diane Roggow – We endorse Tim Waters to be Longmont’s next mayor for many reasons including the following: he has proven skills for providing leadership and; he has demonstrated values, beliefs and commitment towards the continued development of an improved quality of life for all members of our Longmont community.

Cindy Hoge – I am thrilled to hear Tim Waters is running for Mayor in the November election! He has the leadership skills and experience to be our community leader. His passion and dedication to Longmont and all citizens of our city is appreciated. Tim is forward thinking and a problem solver. Plus, he makes himself available and has excellent follow through. Please join me as I vote for Tim Waters for Longmont’s Mayor!

Marcia Martin – Longmont City Council, Ward 2 – Of all the people I know in Longmont, Dr. Tim Waters is the only one I can imagine as our next mayor. Tim is a man of character, drive, and intelligence. He has led a life of public service and his accomplishments are many. In every role he devoted himself to the effort, aspiring to and working for, as he would say, our Best Hopes. Longmont needs a leader like Tim to guide us out of the doldrums of the recent troubled years and take us into the future we deserve. Please join me as I vote for Tim Waters for Longmont’s Mayor!